Welcome to Exploring with Bruce – The “About Me” backstory

Hi I’m Bruce.  I am a Father, a music lover, a cancer survivor, a former corporate employee, a creative soul, a humanitarian that enjoys giving back and I really love to explore.

I lived in Southern California most of my life, but things are changing now.  After a series of major life-altering events, I looked back at my life and realized something was missing.

Recently I began giving away much of what I own, I gave notice and moved out of my apartment, and after living in the Los Angeles area for most of my life, I decided to grab a few clothes and a camera and head out on the road.  Currently I am heading to South America for several months, and after that, who knows!  So you may be thinking: “Why is this guy doing this, … at his age”?

After years of signing on to a more conventional life, a life I thought I enjoyed at the time, those life events I mentioned above really put my life, my dreams and the sense of who I was and who I wanted to be into perspective. Within a 24-month period I went through a major career change, the end of a long relationship, a move to a different area, the passing of my beloved father, and then to cap it off I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.

Yes, I know this could have been a really bleak scene, but I made a very conscious decision to keep my focus, to stay positive and to learn and grow from each and every experience that came my way.  Apparently this approach has severed me well so far, because after a few good decisions, the help of a great medical team and some solid genetic luck, it looks like I am going to survive.   But I want to do more than just survive.  Now with the time I have left, whatever that might be, I want to fully live every day and feel all that comes with being alive.

Throughout this journey I have met some amazing people, I’ve been exposed to some wonderful outlooks, I’ve learned some effective life strategies, and best of all, I have started to rediscover myself and what I love …. Traveling About – Exploring Within – Giving Back – Building Bridges.   And that’s why I am changing things up and heading out to discover a bit about of the world, and a bit more about  myself at the same time.

So, because I love giving back, I’m first heading to Lima Peru to volunteer with a wonderful charity helping children that are really in need from local populations in the Andes mountains.  After my volunteer efforts, my current plan is to continue South on a journey through the cities and the countryside of Western South America …  but with me, things don’t always go as planned.

Now I told you I love exploring, and that’s not just the beautiful landscape and culture of incredible regions like Peru and Patagonia, but I also love the opportunities to meet and learn about some of the beautifully crazy, complex and nuanced people that I seem to meet along the way, everyday, everywhere.  But really, with any true journey like this, is mostly about exploring what’s inside ….Because over time most of us come to realize that inside each of us …… that is the real frontier.

I know many folks can’t just go off and do something like this.  You likely have things going on, commitments and obligations …. , or you can’t go because you’re ill like I was and some of my friends with cancer or other diseases still are today.   But you still have dreams, a desire to learn and a little taste for adventure …. right?

So, what do you say? Do you want to tag along with me and share in this little odyssey??

Well, what are we waiting for?   Let’s go exploring.