Quick Update – Wrapping up Bariloche, Argentina … Getting on with Solo Traveling. 

I had two amazing experiences over the last two weeks.  I had the opportunity to sample Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina and then spend a week in a wonderland of natural beauty, Bariloche and the lake district of Argentina.  More importantly, I had the privilege of spending two full weeks with one of my sons, more time than we have continuously spent together in a decade.

Today, I dropped my son James off at the airport, hugged him goodbye and thanked him for taking time out of his very busy adult life to spend time with me, his Dad, on my journey celebrating my making it to the other side of 2017 / 2018.

Bustling Bariloche International Airport 🙂

He was there for me in many ways, not only with his deft navigation skills as I piloted a low horse-power stick-shift manual rental car around crazy mountain roads, but also by allowing time for us to chat and bond on Father / Son stuff that is so very, very important.

He encouraged me to make it up a mountain to a legendary Refugio, and I encouraged him to get out and see some things that initially appeared possibly marginal, but turned out to be fantastic.

I hope we can do it again one day, and that I can also have the same time and experience with my other son Bryan.  These are the moments that make life worth living.

I have received a few comments from some that I have not been posting frequently enough, or not posting enough pictures.  I have no regrets, and no apologies to give.  I have absolutely taken pictures and made notes about my rambles, but I have chosen to disconnect and be as present as possible for one of the best experiences of my life.  Thanks for being patient with me.  If you were here, you’d understand.

Lago Nahuel Huapi from the Apartment

So now here I sit.  Alone, sipping a cafe in a quaint little apartment overlooking a few roof tops and the massive Lago Nahuel Huapi with a few snow-topped mountains off in the distance, and getting ready to go to a Barbeque with some local friends.   Starting tomorrow, I’ll try to start catching up on publishing photos and stories of the exploits of the last several weeks.  I will also be prepping for the next 7 weeks of solo travel, as this is where the easy part of the trip ends and the envelope-pushing part begins.  In a few days I will be heading South, …. way South.  Thanks to all for continuing to send the well-wishes and good vibes my way.

Love, Bruce