Quick Update – It’s Bariloche Time!

We arrive in Bariloche later in the day on November 22 and spend an interesting turkey-free Thanksgiving day in a country known for world class beef!

We are staying in a place with no Internet, but my son and I are taking a lot of photos of some of the most breathtaking scenery we have ever seen.

Depending  on the weather, which is dramatically different and more Alpine than  Santiago and Mendosa, and depending on how I survive our many hikes to high vantage points, I may park in an Internet café for part of the day later this week and post several photos and stories.

In the next day or two were going to hike to a mountain Refugio and hopefully spend the night close to an ice field.

I can’t wait to share the pictures of this breathtaking place with you.   We are all lucky to live on this very beautiful planet!

Love to you all, Bruce