Hold Fast and Jim Brown’s Inspiration

From the Exploring with Bruce Facebook Page:

So I’m volunteering in Peru a while back, and I’m with fellow cancer survivors and current patients. We are all giving back, and giving to ourselves a renewed spirit and faith in humanity, and faith in ourselves.

While in Peru, I met this guy named Jim. He’s open, authentic, vulnerable, and his heart is being revolutionize by this experience. Then I learn Jim has this entire “hold fast” outlook on life. He tells me how it started when his father was ill and he needed it to personally stay strong. Later, he used this outlook when he became ill to stay strong for his family. Today, he’s also using it to educate and inspire others who are facing similar illnesses.

After facing my own mortality and surviving cancer treatments in 2017, I threw myself at life. And now on this day, I find myself landing on the Antarctic peninsula. The expedition I was on made way through a difficult stretch of ocean called Drake’s Passage, some of the world’s most violent seas, to make a zodiac landing on this remote continent in subzero weather.

I couldn’t help thinking of the explorers that came to this place before us, many of whom perished, but all of whom faced their fears in hopes of finding a land of immense beauty and wonder, and living to tell the tale.

I will return to the United States in 2019 to face my follow-up pet scan and it’s results. I take great inspiration from how Jim moves through his steps and navigates his way to the future of his life.

And I will always be grateful to Jim as well, because now, I plan to “Hold Fast” too. 

Happy Holiday from Antarctica to you and your family Jim!


 — in Antarctica.